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“Filters no longer filter out. They filter forward, bringing their results to the front. What doesn’t make it through a filter is still visible and available in the background.”

While reading and coming across this observation that the author makes, I couldn’t help but to think how true this statement resonates in regards of how we obtain information on the web. Information is so easily attainable nowadays that looking up important material on your search engine will bring you the most relevant and viewed articles on the first few pages while the most irrelevant and least viewed articles are usually found further down a few pages but they still remain accessible. Though filtering out helps with validity/credibility of information posted on the web, I can see how filtering forward can cause an issue of presenting people with true, cold, hard facts about information of which they are searching. However, I just think it is very interesting how we can now access information that could either be relevant/irrelevant to whatever it is that we have typed into our search and still be able to access irrelevant material that Alvin Toffler proposed would be too much information for us to process and therefore cause our brains to go into information overload. But I understand Toffler’s point because of the tendency to become overloaded with information is so much easier now since we’re filtering information forward instead of filtering it out.

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